In his lengthy career, he had never seen the market so high.

Stacey is an FBI agent.

Donostia is a city in the Basque Country.

Monty is extremely grumpy.

Birds came flying by twos and threes.


I know what to ignore.

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Please explain the grammar of 'as may be'.


I'm not done with Eric yet.

I still have some work that has to be done.

Mickey followed them.


It will be fine tomorrow.

Now you know it wasn't my fault.

We all laughed at his joke.


Marie is a hot girl.

The situation sounds volatile.

We need to make changes around here.


Jenine didn't tell me where he was going.

Where does that leave us?

I hope it'll happen soon.


Ravindranath had never met anyone like Jakob before.


He will have to go there.

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English has borrowed numerous words from French.


Why do you have to say things like that?


I'll be there Friday night.

His music makes me dream.

All right. Please order them.

Were you with anyone?

I've made a correction.

What does Leora want to eat?

Pierette doesn't know precisely where he was born.


How many chemical elements compose water?

I don't have that kind of time.

He went to America last year to brush up his English.

So far my German is terrible, but I'll try to learn German well.

This cellphone really costs a lot.

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I can't decide which car to buy.

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Who's the lucky girl?

He has no bicycle.

Panos has nowhere else to go.

We had to write off the debt.

I'll be with you as soon as I finish my dinner.

You are a workaholic.

I just wanted to be with her.

She barely speaks to me anymore.

Why did you attack her?

Arnold spilled his drink on Marsh.

WWI lasted from 1914 until 1918.

I wish I could explain why I did it.

Steen works on Wall Street.

"I don't think that's a good idea." "Nonsense! What could possibly go wrong?"

Kitty was put in prison.

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Maybe we should take a step back so we don't fall?


I'm a soldier now.

There is no external influence in that.

I didn't have to pay for the plane ticket to Boston.

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Panos wants to talk to me later at the bar.


Do you think Glenn will be here on time?

The noise distracted him from studying.

Terry hates parents who don't control their bratty children.

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I'll see what is possible.

I can hear a saxophone somewhere.

You're probably right again.

I didn't click the link.

I think you underestimate him.

Yesterday was Tuesday, 2010, January the 26th.

I'm eating cheese.

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Is it more expensive to call in the morning?

He suggested setting off immediately.

We don't have much money.


I wish I could play the flute as well as Ian Anderson.


I might have to come home late. In that case, I'll phone you.


I've read that authors have difficulty making money. They have to be lucky in the business!

Just be enthusiastic.

The cat is not mine.


I was sitting next to a man who clearly had a lot on his mind.

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He wrote it down so as not to forget it.

Ask them yourself.

Are you not a teacher?

You've certainly been hoping for my love, but until now it has been flatly denied.

Could I ask you to do that again?

I could not get rid of my doubt about it.

There's nobody inside.

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Now that the boy was five, they had to think about which school to send him to.

I'm not going to move out.

They say it is just puppy love.

Ikeda is my last name, and Kazuko is my first name.

The crowd surged into the auditorium.

Have each of your wives weave a rug by tomorrow.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Anatoly didn't try to go any further.

Don't give Milner any ideas.

Kevin called Kent, and there was no answer.

Why are you insulting me?

We don't want Heinz to leave.

Rahul is a mathematical genius.

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Billie gave Timo $1,000 in a brown paper bag.

It's a difficult word to translate.

I just wanted to have some time together.

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This is not the America I want for my children.

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Erwin might try to convince Farouk to do that.

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Let me try.


I'm sorry, but I've got to go.

Do you work on Monday?

I'd be interested in seeing the house you used to live in.

I wasn't trapped.

Stacy stabbed Kikki.

Susanne is aware of his shortcomings.

Some neighbors are very noisy.

Ask her again.

She found employment as a typist.

Moses saw the video.

The rest of the show was not particularly distinguished.

I wouldn't count on it.

I know you're thinking about me.

I didn't ask for your advice.

The working group on data transfer, led by Ben Manny, will hold a meeting on Jan 14, 1999.

I'm fed up with Tracey.

He's outstanding in his field.

Since when you have been here?

The monkey dances for money.

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Where can I buy a map of the city?

What are you doing home so early?

I wanted to tell you where I'd been, but Beth told me not to.

Lisa bears a grudge against Stan.

Who is taller, Ken or Taro?

We should have gotten married.

We were looking out for each other.

How are the kids?

This classroom is separated from that one by a wall.


I couldn't kill you, Kyung.

He must really like you.

Xiaoding and Xueyou are sitting there listening to Teacher Wang talk.

There are several good protections against temptation, but the surest is cowardice.

What would the king know of Diwali?


To see her smile, you would be charmed.

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He is too busy dreaming dreams to plan what he will do in his old age.

Is scarlet a fruit or a color?

I'm not much of a cook.


I guess I'm a little tired.


We go mountain climbing almost every weekend.

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Charles I of England was executed by guillotine.

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Luis put all his belongings in boxes and sent them to Boston.

He went on reading while he ate.

It's that important.


Chet joined his friends at the table.

Three deputies were shot.

Debbie doesn't think anybody else wants to come.

It has just struck eight, hasn't it?

Ian motioned for Phillip to approach him.

Chris was at home last night.

Cristopher and Kelly spent the night out under the stars.

"Doesn't that smell fantastic?" "Yeah!"

It might rain. We should take an umbrella.

This is an open source project.

The Angkar regulated every moment of our lives.

The doctor may allow her to return to work next week.

What would you do if you met a person from another planet?

It's a big decision.

She began crying.